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Title Jesus of Nazareth: The Historical Search for the Christian Messiah
Publisher Charles River Editors
label Charles River Editors
Author Gustavo Vázquez Lozano, Charles River Editors
Release 2016-05-09
Type Kindle Edition
Brand Charles River Editors
Pages 44
Price £1.99
Category Church History

Lots of individuals visit the website to look for e-books they desire.*Includes pictures
*Analyzes the Biblical accounts of Jesus and the sources the Gospels relied on
*Includes online resources and a bibliography for further reading
*Includes a table of contents

The life story of Jesus of Nazareth, considered by billions of Christians to be the Messiah prophesized in the Old Testament of the Bible, is perhaps the most famous in history. Described in detail in the New Testament, Jesus comes from both divine yet humble roots, born in a manger to a young woman, but in time he leads a fervent following as tales of his miracles spread across the Holy Land.

Of course, a central aspect of Jesus’s life is the situation in Israel and its ongoing conflict with Rome, which helped compel and inspire Jews to seek a savior that would deliver them from their enemies. The country is dismembered and hides religious renegades in the wilderness, waiting inside caves for the final battle against Rome. Apocalyptic effervescence has never been so intense in Israel as now. Jesus speaks in parables and enacts them, and they are understandable to the ears and eyes of a 1st century Jews. His words certainly don´t talk about resignation or about future life in heaven, but about a plan, a program. His aphorisms don´t command good behavior or spiritual contemplation, like the Buddha. They speak of judgment, first, and then the restoration of Israel, though perhaps not in the way that their listeners expect. He compares his movement with the mustard plant, this pernicious botanical species that the Latin naturalists describe as a destructive pest, since it invades agricultural land and attracts birds, thus destroying the crops. He compares the Kingdom of God with yeast, which remains hidden inside the bread until the decisive moment, when it can no longer be ignored. He speaks preferably to the lowest of the low, the nobodies: the prostitutes, children, lepers and beggars, and he asks them to be ready, to watch and be alert for the signs.

The crucifixion and resurrection that follow create the climactic resolution of Jesus’ life story and cement his status as the Christ, at least in the eyes of the burgeoning religious movement that would sweep across the region in the coming decades. An anonymous writer would compose the first gospel, Mark, and the major theme would be the way of Jesus to his death. His followers, whose movement would originally be called “the way,” would also bring about a new religion that has lasted 20 centuries, and while it is focused on the figure of Jesus, the rural man of Israel who started it all, the historical Jesus was gradually enshrined under layers of sermons, chants, legends and philosophies that would be alien to Jews in Jesus’s day. Like ideological strata, they covered the historical facts, obscuring the Jesus of history under the Christ of faith.

Given the fact that the Bible’s account is so well known, it’s perhaps unsurprising that people in the modern day have become more interested in trying to uncover lesser known details about Jesus, arguably the most important figure in history. This has ranged from arguments over his life to arguments over his very existence, making the historical search for Jesus all the more important. From supporters citing 1st century sources like Tacitus to skeptics comparing Jesus to past religions’ heroes and other mythological figures, people continue to try bolstering their case, no matter which side they fall on.

Jesus of Nazareth: The Historical Search for the Christian Messiah chronicles the life of Jesus and the historicity of the man believed to be the savior of Christianity. Along with pictures of important people, places, and events, you will learn about Jesus like never before, in no time at all. By on-line reading or downloading this electronic book on our internet site, you can enjoy the tale offered in the e-book. Allow’s get the e-book and review it in your spare time..

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